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Savion, a young Beja warrior, is the offspring of what happened in Crete. He is an adolescent in Africa that knows nothing of Crete. Though he wonders, his priority is to be enrolled in the Amarar Legion. Having slight knowledge of his mother, it’s an issue still in question of how she died. His story surrounds about who he is. It isn’t hard to tell he is different than any other african amongst the village.
He and his friends train to be warriors. The Ogun Trials are upon them. Ogun-God of War and Iron, beckons your all or your life. Savion has to make many discoveries about himself. Is he the warrior he thinks he is? Who is his father no one wants to speak much about? What does an ancient witch who lives outside the village want with him? Through people and events things are revealed to Savion. Answers to his questions are not bareable as he thought. As a warrior his path becomes epic!!!

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