King Merrick



At the rise of Greece the Kingdom of Crete descends from one mighty King who’s name is Minos. His linage has crowned son after son of his blood partaking in years of dynastic rule. It has been left to Merrick to carry his great name.
Merrick sits at the height of his kingdom, King of all Crete. The war is and he stands victorious. Sovereign powers from around the world have come to greet him. Either have his allegiance or face a force unmatched. The rumors are true. An unseen evil surrounds him.
A king such as him has to watch his internal problems of deceit and sabotage comes to a head. Others want to sit in his throne. Haunted by the ones close to him will drive him mad. Who will he trust? Outsiders want to serve him to the Gods. His only care in the world does the unthinkable. Can King Merrick stand strong and keep the kingdom he has built? Or will he succumb to his own undoing?



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