Archaeologist Matt Chow is an Asian American who found fame in the remnants of a timeworn Central America. His new-found success attracts people of his past. A best friend long-known in his field of studies has interest in Matt Chow. A phone call from a different time-zone wakes Matt Chow in the middle of the night. The call is about an archaeological find that convinces the Asian American he can add another accolade to his early thriving career.

The Promise Land of many historians, Egypt, awaits the famed Archaeologist. The modern culture speaks to Matt Chow. The people, the religion, the current state of the country awakens his senses as Chow is being chauffeured by his collegian friend Rod. The reunion between the two begins serene until a sudden mystery befalls Matt Chow. A mystery straddled in lies and deceit.

Near ancient Egypt burials a door is unearthed. What exist behind the door is something that has lived through centuries locked away buried. Deep down into a tomb Chow’s life becomes spared. He is spared and shown a different account of history, where anthropologist have recorded the ancient world wrong. Matt Chow becomes captivated by mirror images of a mystique gem. Looking into the gem Matt Chow sees the past unknown to the modern world.

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