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He brings great wisdom to Merrick for he has served many different kings for centuries.


’Savion knows little of his real origins only that his mother died at his birth. The amulet that he don’s once belonged to her. He keeps it close to his heart at all times.

King Merrick

A king such as him has to watch his internal problems of deceit and sabotage comes to a head. Others want to sit in his throne.

Born In Crete

Near ancient Egypt burials a door is unearthed. What exist behind the door is something that has lived through centuries locked away buried. A mystery straddled in lies and deceit.


17th Apr 2015

Sneak Preview: Born In Crete

  BORN IN CRETE By: N. Lateef PROLOGUE YEAR: 1998 “Who in the hell could be calling me at this time in the morning?” disturbed from my sleep. I even...

15th Apr 2015


SPINKS: Advisor to Merrick’s kingdom he has contributed largely to its dominance over the rival kingdoms. But the wars have only come because of him. Easily he is made out...

15th Apr 2015


SAVION: Savion, a young Beja warrior, is the offspring of what happened in Crete. He is an adolescent in Africa that knows nothing of Crete. Though he wonders, his priority...

15th Apr 2015

King Merrick

KING MERRICK At the rise of Greece the Kingdom of Crete descends from one mighty King who’s name is Minos. His linage has crowned son after son of his blood...